Typhoon Series


Light Grey


2’ x 3’ x 1.4” (610 mm x 877 mm x 36 mm)
2’ x 4’ x 1.4” (610 mm x 1182 mm x 36 mm)
2’ x 5’ x 1.4” (610 mm x 1486 mm x 36 mm)
1′ x 4′ x 1.4″ (299 mm x 1182 mm x 36 mm)



The Typhoon Series panel is the ultimate decking solution that combines ADA compliance and a rigid walking surface. The Typhoon Series is a bold marine decking system that is the first panel of its kind to allow 40% light penetration within a rigid non-reinforced structure. In addition, our sleek surface pattern with integrated non-slip texture will provide stability and comfort for any barefoot adventurers.

Easy Installation Lay the decking panels into place and screw into place.

Eco-Friendly Design The environmentally safe composite decking panel design optimizes the decking pattern to allow light to pass through to the marine life below the dock.

Typhoon Strength The Typhoon Series is a non-reinforced poly decking panel with the rigidity of a reinforced panel.

Low-Profile Screw Pockets Reduced screw pocket visibility on the panel pattern creating the perfect aesthetic for a the panel surface.

Maintenance Free No maintenance outside of periodic cleaning.

  • Heavy foot traffic areas like commercial marinas can rest assured cleaning is as simple as using biodegradable soap and water (pressure washing is an alternative).

UV Resistant Uses UV inhibitor technology to protect against color distortion.

Storm Surge Resistant The slotted configuration allows water uplift to disperse through the composite decking minimizing storm damage.

12 Year Limited Warranty For more information on our warranty: click here to learn more.

Additional information


Light Gray


2' x 3' – 2' x 4' – 2 x 5' – 1' x 4' No Tabs



Light Penetration



2' x 3’ – 11.8 lbs. / 5.4 kg
2' x 4’ – 15.7 lbs. / 7.2 kg
2' x 5’ – 19.7 lbs. / 8.9 kg
1' x 4' – 7.9 lbs. / 3.6 kg

Ultraviolet Protection



Glass Filled Polypropylene +

ADA Compliant