12-Year Limited Warranty

Snap Decking, LLC. (hereinafter referred to as “Manufacturer”) warrants a 12-Year Limited Warranty to the Original Purchaser (hereinafter referred to as “Purchaser”) of Snap Decking product(s) on the day of purchase. The Manufacturer commits to producing decking panels that are free of defects in workmanship and the material. The 12-Year Limited Warranty is solely for the Purchaser; product (s) cannot be assigned or transferred to a third party. The Manufacturer’s warranty warrants that decking panel(s) will not crack, split, peel, blister, cup, rot, or structural decay from termites or fungal (Note: Snap Decking will not cover fading within the 12-Year Limited Warranty).
Snap Decking is not liable and reserves the right to void a purchaser’s warranty in the case of the following (1) Improper installation and/or failure to abide by the Manufacturer’s installation guidelines. (2) Movement, settling, distortion, erosion, or collapse of the ground or supporting structure in which the Manufacturer’s decking panels are installed. (3) Any Acts of God (i.e., earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, lightning, flooding, and wildfire, etc.), foreign substances (i.e., oil, grease, dirt, etc.), and environmental conditions (i.e., mildew, air pollution, etc.). (4) Improper mishandling, installation, neglect, or misuse. (5) Failure to comply with product specifications for utility within the guidelines set forth by the Manufacturer published on the Manufacturer’s website.
If a defect occurs, the Purchaser’s responsibility is to notify the Manufacturer by mail or email within the warranty period. Purchasers that are submitting a warranty claimant form must provide proof of purchase with date of purchase on the warranty claimant form. Once a submission form is received, a quality assurance representative verifies and renders over a verdict (Manufacturer reserves the right to ask for the defected product(s), and cost for return will be on Purchaser’s behalf). After a verdict of approval, the Manufacturer options are as follows; (1) Replace the defected product(s) at the same quantity or equivalent value; (2) Refund in credit, the total purchase price of the defected product(s) within the seven-year mark of the product(s) life cycle. Beginning in the eighth-year mark of the product(s) life cycle, product(s) will depreciate by 20% each year until the end of the product(s) life cycle term.
To make a claim underneath this warranty, the Purchaser may submit a Warranty Claim Form describing the defective product(s) with photographic proof of the defective material. Warranty Claim Forms can be mailed or emailed to service@snapdecking.com. Submit mail-in warranty submission forum to the following mailing address:
Snap Decking, LLC.
11405 N. Pennsylvania St.
Suite 106
Carmel, IN 46032
United States
No person or entity is authorized to intercede for Snap Decking. Snap Decking is not bound to any statement, representative verbal or written promissory to the quality or assurances to Snap Decking product(s) other than what is stipulated within this 12-Year Limited Warranty. Snap Decking’s main office will only issue additional amendments in written form as an addendum with the signature from Snap Decking’s President.
To the fullest extent permitted under the law, under no event will Snap Decking be liable for incidental or consequential damages that Purchaser may seek in contract or tort. Snap Decking liability for non-personal injury claims concerning defective products shall in no event exceed the replacement of product(s) or refund of the purchased price, as mentioned above. Also, permitted under the law to the fullest extent, this warranty shall not cover, and Snap Decking is not responsible for costs and expenses incurred concerning the removal of the defective product(s) or the installation of replacement materials, including but not limited to the labor and shipping cost of freight.