Typhoon Series



2’ x 3’ x 1.4” (609.6 mm x 914.4 mm x 35.56 mm)
2’ x 4’ x 1.4” (609.6 mm x 1219.2 mm x 35.56 mm)
2’ x 5’ x 1.4” (609.6 mm x 1524 mm x 35.56 mm)


The Typhoon Series panel is the ultimate decking solution that combines both ADA compliance and a rigid walking surface. The Typhoon Series is a bold marine decking system that is the first panel of its kind to allow 40% plus light penetration within a rigid, non-reinforced structure. In addition, our sleek surface pattern with integrated non-slip texture will provide stability and comfort for any barefoot adventurers.

Easy Installation – Simply lay the panels into position and screw into place.

Eco-Friendly Design – Socially responsible & environmentally safe design for marine life.

Typhoon Strength – The Typhoon Series is a non-reinforced poly decking panel with the rigidity of a reinforced panel.

Screw Pocket Feature – Reduced screw pocket visibility on the panel pattern improving the panel surface aesthetics.

Maintenance Free – Minimal maintenance maximizing leisure activity for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Heavy foot traffic areas like commercial marinas can rest assured cleaning is as simple as using biodegradable soap and water (pressure washing is an alternative).

UV Resistant – Uses UV inhibitor technology to protect against color distortion.

Storm Surge Resistant – The slotted configuration allows water uplift to easily dissipate through the composite decking, minimizing storm damage.

12-Year Limited Warranty – For details click here to learn more

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